Historic Cryogenic Refueling Mission in Space!

Space Machines Company and Spaceium are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership, set to embark on the first-ever cryogenic refueling mission in space in 2025. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the future of the space industry.

Under this agreement, Spaceium will showcase its cutting-edge cryogenic storage capabilities on the Space Machines Company’s platform. Following this demonstration, Spaceium will refuel Space Machines Company spacecraft’s tank with cryogenic fuel using the stored reserves to highlight Spaceium’s refueling capability.

The implications of cryogenic refueling in space are monumental for the future of the space industry and exploration, as exemplified by the Artemis program. This pioneering mission sets the stage for a future of increased efficiency and innovation in space exploration, showcasing the immense benefits this partnership brings to the forefront of the space industry.

“We are thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking journey with Space Machines Company, setting the stage for a new era in space exploration. Together, we are not only demonstrating advanced cryogenic technology but also fueling the future possibilities of space exploration and technology.” Said Ashi Dissanayake, CEO of Spaceium.

“In-space refueling and servicing will change the economics of space infrastructure, with cryogenic refueling essential for earth missions and beyond. We are excited to be partnering with Spaceium to demonstrate these cutting edge capabilities on orbit.” said Mark Ramsey, COO of Space Machines Company.

About Spaceium:

Spaceium is building service stations along the space superhighway. The service stations are modular to provide services from cryogenic refueling and exchanging hardware.

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About Space Machines Company:

Space Machines Company (SMC) is an Australian company delivering on-orbit servicing and protection of critical space infrastructure through its Orbital Servicing Network. SMC supports mobility, inspection, deorbiting, repair, life extension, and protection capability to satellite customers when and where they need it.

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