Service stations along
the space superhighway.

Creating a new industry with world-first technology,
Spaceium plans to build in-space infrastructure
to support interplanetary missions.

The world’s first
Service stationin
space with modular
Our service stations consist of modular platforms to provide essential services, such as refuelling, performing repairs in space, transferring energy and as a place to store space debris.

So, it’s time to build the missing piece of space infrastructure to move humanity forward.

On Earth, trucks depend on service stations for fuel, batteries, and other essentials to keep them running. Similarly, All space companies require fuel, power, repairs, hardware swaps, and space-based storage to keep spacecrafts going.

Cutting 40% of
operation costs
for in-orbit
service providers.
Refueling Hub Image 1
  • Replenish current and future spacecraft with fuel.
  • Capable of storing and transferring cryogenic fuel.
  • Boost payload, range, and lifespan for OTVs, in-orbit service providers, rocket's second stage, and satellites.
Space Mechanics Image 2
  • Enable repairs and part swaps by storing and supplying spare parts.
  • Enhance operational life and functionality through part installations.
  • Expand customer base for in-orbit providers by extending spacecraft longevity and enabling multi-function capabilities.

Charging Hub Image 3
  • Ensure a dependable power supply.
  • Trim weight during lift-off.
  • Prolong mission duration while minimizing downtime.

Debris Hub Image 1
  • Dedicated storage for space debris.
  • Platform for in-orbit recycling initiatives.
  • Strides toward achieving space sustainability.

Single-handedly creating
a Space Superhighway.

Let's make things possible.