The Exploration Company and Spaceium: A Pioneering Partnership for Moon Missions and In-Orbit Refueling

The Exploration Company and Spaceium are excited to announce the signing of a bilateral letter of intent, marking the beginning of a dynamic partnership. This collaboration promises to revolutionize lunar missions and deep space exploration, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.

As part of this partnership, Spaceium’s service station will play a pivotal role by providing cryogenic fuel to refuel the NYX spacecraft while it orbits, enhancing its range and payload capacity for lunar missions. Simultaneously, Spaceium will leverage NYX as its primary servicing platform for its upcoming 2026 mission, further showcasing the mutual benefits of this alliance.

The significance of this partnership extends beyond both individual companies, as it has far-reaching implications for the entire space industry. Moon missions and in-orbit refueling are at the forefront of space exploration’s future. The ability to refuel spacecraft in space not only extends their mission capabilities but also reduces the cost and logistical complexities of deep space missions. By collaborating to refine and expand these technologies, we are contributing to a more sustainable and economically viable space industry. Our joint efforts exemplify how innovation and cooperation can shape the future of space exploration, driving us closer to realizing the dream of a thriving and interconnected space economy.

“This groundbreaking partnership marks a giant leap forward in our mission to make space exploration more accessible and sustainable. By refueling spacecraft in orbit, we are unlocking new possibilities and reshaping the future of space exploration.” CEO of Spaceium, Ashi Dissanayake said.

“We’re delighted to join forces with Spaceium. This partnership signifies a new chapter in our commitment to advancing lunar missions and deep space exploration”, says Hélène Huby, CEO of The Exploration Company. “Together, we are enhancing mission capabilities while fostering a more sustainable and interconnected space industry”.

About Spaceium:

Spaceium is building service stations along the space superhighway. The service stations are modular to provide services from refueling, transferring energy, storing and exchanging hardwares, and going to be part of trash debris solution.

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About The Exploration Company:

The Exploration Company’s mission is to democratize space exploration, making it affordable, available and sustainable. To realize this mission, The Exploration Company develops, manufactures and operates Nyx, a modular and reusable orbital vehicle that can eventually be refuelled in orbit and uses green propellants. The technical bricks of Nyx are built with open interfaces: they are available on a SpaceStore to enable space & non-space companies to use them and develop new applications.

Nyx provides a wide scope of missions ranging from resupplying space stations around the Earth and the Moon, free flying around Earth or landing on the Moon – and safely coming back to Earth. Nyx starts with flying cargo and has the potential to carry humans.

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