Aphelia and Spaceium Forge Partnership for Enhanced Space Power Distribution

Aphelia and Spaceium are proud to announce a momentous bilateral letter of intent, signaling a transformative partnership set to revolutionize power distribution in Earth’s orbits.

Under this agreement, Spaceium’s service stations will play host to Aphelia’s receivers on-board and will facilitate the installation of these receivers onto Aphelia’s customers’ spacecraft in space. This move will significantly expand Aphelia’s customer base and provide an opportunity for current spacecraft operating in space to harness the benefits of Aphelia’s power distribution system.

Additionally, Spaceium will serve as the host for Aphelia’s transmitter on its charging hub, offering a seamless wireless power distribution solution to their customers, thereby bolstering the capabilities of both companies.

The union between Aphelia and Spaceium represents a step forward in the quest for more efficient power distribution in space. By combining their expertise and resources, these companies are poised to redefine the possibilities of power management in Earth’s orbits, propelling the space industry into an exciting new era.

“Our partnership with Aphelia represents not only a significant leap forward in space technology but also a giant stride toward making space exploration accessible to all. By joining forces, we are not just charging spacecraft; we are charging the future of humanity beyond Earth’s borders.” Said Ashi Dissanayake, CEO of Spaceium.

“Our partnership with Spaceium marks a breakthrough in reimagining spacecraft power. We believe this will enable a shift from static to dynamic space missions. Thus, opening up new, untapped possibilities & capabilities for serving our humanity better from space, without power constraints.” Said Razlan Hamdan, CEO of Aphelia.

About Spaceium:

Spaceium is building service stations along the space superhighway. The service stations are modular to provide services from refueling, transferring energy, storing and exchanging hardware, and going to be part of trash debris solution.

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About Aphelia:

Aphelia is developing wireless charging stations that deliver highly-efficient kW-level of electrical power wirelessly to spacecraft in space.

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